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Version: V1

Advanced Pool Creation

Step 1: Decide the minimum amount to seed liquidity in the pool. A minimum of $200,000 is recommended, as rates are better with more liquidity.

Step 2: Decide the amplification factor of the pool. The higher the amp factor, the narrower the active price range and vice versa. AMP = 1 is a min price of 0 and a max price of ∞. If the price of XXX goes out of range, the pool becomes inactive. This depends on your team, and your knowledge of your token performance. For most pairs, we recommend an AMP factor of 1.15 to 1.3. For stable pairs, we recommend a higher AMP of 100-400. The range is still very wide even with an AMP factor of 1.1.

Step 3: Go to the KyberSwap Pools page.

Step 4: Switch network from Ethereum to BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom or whichever network is applicable for your new pool.

Step 5: Select “+ Create new pool”.

Step 6: If your token isn’t on the default list, you can add it via the token's contract address.

Create DEXT-BUSD Pool

Step 7: Choose your two tokens. We recommend pairing with a stablecoin or with the transaction token of the blockchain network: for example, ETH for Ethereum or BNB for Binance Smart Chain

Step 8: Determine your market price (or decide it if you are an IDO project with an initial listing)

a. Based on CoinmarketCap or other market price indicator, enter the amount of each token in the token pair as a ratio which matches the market price. If you are a new token and this is your first listing, enter the ratio based on the market price you want to set.

b. Using DEXT token (BSC) as an example: Suppose DEXT market price is 0.44. Enter the amount of DEXT and BUSD you want to seed with a ratio based on the market price. For example, let's say you want to seed a pool for DEXT-BUSD with a total liquidity amount of $200,000.

  • $100,000 / 0.44 = 227,272 DEXT tokens
  • $100,000 / 1.00 = 100,000 BUSD tokens

Create DEXT-BUSD Pool

Step 9: Enter the AMP factor.

A DEXT/BUSD pool with AMP of 1.1 has a price range of 0.0036 to 53.24

Create Amplified DEXT-BUSD Pool

A DEXT/BUSD pool with AMP of 1.2 has a price range of 0.0122 to 15.8401

Create 1.2 Amplification Factor DEXT-BUSD Pool

For both of these cases, the current price of 0.44 DEXT per BUSD and any reasonable fluctuation is well within range so it depends on you. The DEXT price could pump a lot, but will it pump over 100x? WIll DEXT price move from 0.44 to 44.0? Then at amp = 1.1, it is still in range, while at amp = 1.2, it is out of range. Then, confirm and add liquidity to the pool. Once the pool is created, please see it on the KyberSwap Pools page where anyone can add additional liquidity to the pool.

Direct link for users to trade your token#

Now that your pool is created, you can direct them to trade your token with a link that automatically switches the user to the right network, and sets your token as the output currency.

The link will follow this format:[TOKENADDRESS]&networkId=[NETWORKNUMBER] (see below for network number)

Direct link for users to add liquidity (liquidity provider - LP)#

You can even make a direct link to direct your users to add liquidity to the pool in case they want to earn fees on pool trades or participate in a liquidity mining/yield farming campaign. The link would follow this format:[TOKEN1ADDRESS]/[TOKEN2ADDRESS]?networkId=[NETWORK NUMBER]

Network Numbers#

Ethereum: 1

Binance Smart Chain: 56

Polygon: 137

Avalanche: 43114

Fantom: 250

Example of new token listing post with direct links#

You can now trade $SIPHER at the best rates on KyberSwap:
And add liquidity to the SIPHER-ETH pool to earn fees on pool trades:

Note: Creating a pool does not require an account with us as we are non-custodial. Only your project team and whoever has access to your wallet address will control this liquidity.

Getting your token logo on KyberSwap#

For (swap, pools), you can make a pull request to add your token here:

For the analytics page, you can make a pull request to add your token logo here:

Where else will your pool appear?#

You pool will appear in the markets section of CoinGecko, Coinmarketcap and will also appear on DEXTools as well as other markets dapps that integrate KyberSwap