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Introduction to KyberSwap

DeFi's Open and Permissionless Liquidity Backbone
Kyber Network is building a world where anyone can freely, reliably and effortlessly trade their funds on their own terms. Founded on decentralized finance (DeFi) principles of open access, KyberSwap is a multichain aggregator and DeFi hub that empowers users with the insights and tools to trade and generate yield without intermediaries. All the above while being fast, secure, and easy-to-use. Whichever your path to financial autonomy, KyberSwap has got you covered.
The KyberSwap Ecosystem
With more than 100+ projects building on top of KyberSwap, our solutions have facilitated over US$20B in transactions for thousands of traders and liquidity providers since its inception. KyberSwap's development is governed by the KyberDAO, a community platform that empowers KNC (Kyber Network Crystal) token holders to vote on or create proposals which will go on to influence KyberSwap's roadmap. As DeFi's open and permissionless liquidity backbone, KyberSwap continues to generate synergies across its ever expanding ecosystem which now comprises of more than 100 connected projects across 15 chains.
For more information on Kyber Network, the organization, please visit the official Kyber Network page.

KyberSwap Solutions

  • KyberAI: Discover your next big opportunity with AI-powered trading insights for over 4000+ tokens across 7 chains. In addition to conveniently surfacing multiple on-chain and technical indicators, KyberAI leverages the power of machine learning to assign each token a KyberScore, a single number indicating the extent of a token's bullishness or bearishness over the next 24 hours.
  • KyberSwap Aggregator: Instantly swap at superior rates with our intelligent trade route scanner. Connected to over 100+ liquidity sources across 15 chains, the KyberSwap Aggregator splits and reroutes trades via capitally efficient sources thereby ensuring favourable swap rates while encouraging greater market stability.
  • Limit Order: Set your preferred swap rates and enjoy gasless, slippage-free, and zero-fee trades powered by our wide network of takers. Stay in control of your assets as orders are automatically settled on-chain only when the market moves in your favor.
  • KyberSwap Interface: A one stop web interface providing convenient and open access to some of the best liquidity solutions and experiences in DeFi. This includes taking advantage of KyberSwap's Aggregator to swap at the superior rates, earning boosted yields through providing liquidity to KyberSwap's Classic and Elastic protocols, discovering trending tokens before the rest of the market, and much more...
  • KyberSwap Widget: Plug and play superior rates directly from your app with just a few lines of code. Our endlessly customizable widget enables integrators to seamlessly blend superior rates into their dApps with easily configure trade routes, fees, and themes.
  • KyberSwap Cross-Chain Swaps: Swap between tokens on any chain with a single transaction. KyberSwap has integrated with the Squid swap and liquidity routing protocol thereby enabling users to perform cross-chain swaps straight from the KyberSwap Interface.

Liquidity Solutions