General APIs

KyberSwap Limit Order General APIs

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General APIs

API statuses and support

KyberSwap APIs uses the following statuses to minimize version miscommunications and ensure an uninterrupted service for the end user:

  • Latest: API is functional and supported. This is the recommended version for all integrators (new and existing).

  • Legacy: API remains functional with support for bugs only. No new feature updates.

  • Deprecated: API is no longer functional and is not supported.

For all developers, it is highly recommended that you refer to the API with the Latest tag to ensure access to the latest features as well as improved service quality and efficiency. APIs which are planned to be sunset will be tagged Legacy during the transition period and thereafter moved to Deprecated.

The KyberSwap Docs will continue to maintain information regarding Legacy and Deprecated APIs.


*For /read-ks/api/v1/configs/contract-address, please refer to the .yaml file for the full return object as GitBook has limited support for OpenAPI's additionalProperties definition.

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