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Stay On Top Of The Market That Never Sleeps


The sleepless nights caused by erratic price swings almost functions as a rite of passage into the crypto market which never sleeps. Unlike traditional finance where markets are open during local waking hours, DeFi markets are never closed, even on global holidays. At KyberSwap, we understand that keeping abreast of market movements 24/7 is an impossible ask. To this end, KyberSwap has implemented a notification feature that enables our users to subscribe to customized notifications as well as receive event updates via their preferred communication channels.
As notifications have been integrated across various KyberSwap solutions, users will no longer have to worry about missing out on the latest updates. This includes:
With KyberSwap's notification feature, users are able to focus their time and efforts on more important things whether it is identifying the next big opportunity or just catching up on their sleep.

Notification channels

KyberSwap currently supports notifications via:
  • Notification Center: The notification center allows users of the KyberSwap dapp to receive and manage notifications directly on the KyberSwap Interface. Notification preferences, rules, as well as communication channels can be managed via the notification center in the browser.
KyberSwap Interface notifications

Types of notifications

KyberSwap users are able to subscribe to active notifications across the following:

Price Alerts

Create a price alert
Setup your target price and receive a notification whenever the market price for the token pair specified meets your target. Price alerts can be configured for any token pair that have been imported on the KyberSwap Interface. Alerts can be created with a cooldown across all KyberSwap supported chains.
Users can also toggle their active alerts via the Notification Center.
Toggle active alerts
With price alerts, users are able to monitor price actions and adjust their trade strategy accordingly be it updating existing limit orders or executing an immediate swap.
Price alerts history

Elastic Active Range Alerts

Liquidity position notifications
Create an Elastic pool position and receive notifications whenever your position goes in or out of range. Maximize your yields by timing your liquidity removals and additions according to the markets.

Limit Order Alerts

Limit order notification
Create a limit order and receive a notification whenever your order gets fully or partially filled. KyberSwap will also send out notifications if any of your active orders has expired. Predefine your trades and receive updates whenever there's a matching trade or change in status.

KyberAI Watchlist

KyberAI watchlist
Add your favourite tokens to your KyberAI watchlist and get notified of their latest KyberScores and prices.