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interface IEpochUtils

Source: IEpochUtils.sol






Returns the number of seconds defined in an epoch.

function epochPeriodInSeconds() external view returns (uint256) Returns:\ Number of seconds in an epoch

### `firstEpochStartTimestamp` Returns the timestamp when the first epoch starts. ___ function __firstEpochStartTimestamp__() external view returns (uint256) **Returns:**\ Start timestamp of first epoch ### `getCurrentEpochNumber` Returns the current epoch number. ___ function __getCurrentEpochNumber__() external view returns (uint256)\ **Returns:**\ Current epoch number ### `getEpochNumber` Returns the epoch number at timestamp. ___ function __getEpochNumber__(uint256 timestamp) external view returns (uint256) | Parameter | Type | Description | | --------- |:-----:|:-----------:| | `timestamp` | uint256 | timestamp in epoch time | **Returns:**\ Epoch number at timestamp

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