KyberSwap Docs

KNC Token

The Kyber Network Crystal token, or KNC for short, is an ERC-20 governance token native to the Ethereum Mainnet (ChainID: 1). By staking and voting with KNC, users can participate in the KyberDAO governance process and shape the future of the Kyber ecosystem. In return for securing the Kyber network, KNC stakers also gain access to a host of other benefits such as gas refunds or protocol trading fee distribution. While governance is secured on the Ethereum Mainnet, KNC is also available across 7 other chains following the multi-chain expansion of the Kyber ecosystem.
KNC is dynamic and can be upgraded, minted, or burned by KyberDAO to better support liquidity and growth. Holding KNC means having a stake in all the important innovation and liquidity protocols created for DeFi.
You can read more about KNC here.