RESTful API Overview

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The RESTful API can be used to perform trades on the Kyber Network platform.


Things to note

If for any reason there is an error in the response, you will receive the following response message:


The reason can be one of the following:

  • **request_limit**: indicates that the user exceeded the requests limit

  • **param_error**: indicates that the user has passed an unknown parameter, a wrong type for that parameter, or has not passed a required parameter

  • **server_error**: indicates internal API error, which should not be present most of the time

additional_data will contain more information on the error, such as indicating when the user can request again in case of “request_limit”, or indicating bad or missing parameters for param_error.

Please ensure that errors are being handled appropriately. For example, if you get an error when calling the tradeData endpoint, ensure that your users are not able to proceed with the trade.

REST Limitations

There is a current limitation of 60 requests per minute per IP address. If you exceed this you will get the following reply:

    “error”: True,
    ”reason”: “request_limit”,
    ”additional_data”: “Retry in 60 seconds”

If requests are still continually sent after receiving this error, then the requests sent from your IP will be silently blocked. It will take approximately an one hour of not sending a request from the blocked IP to be removed from the blocked list.

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