Elastic Legacy Contract Addresses

Liquidity Mining Across Multiple Chains

You are referring to the Legacy version of KyberSwap docs.

For the most updated information, please refer to:

All KyberSwap Elastic contracts have been deployed at the same address across all supported chains. For your convenience, the full list of contracts can be found below:

Ethereum (ChainID: 1)
BSC (ChainID: 56)
Arbitrum (ChainID: 42161)
Polygon (ChainID: 137)
Optimism (ChainID: 10)
Fantom (ChainID: 250)
Avalanche (ChainID: 43114)
Cronos (ChainID: 25)
Velas (ChainID: 106)
Aurora (ChainID: 1313161554)
Oasis (ChainID: 42262)
BitTorrent Chain (ChainID: 199)

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