Foundational Topics

DeFi For Everyone: Understanding The Building Blocks


Welcome to KyberSwap! As an open and permissionless protocol, KyberSwap builds on top of many decentralized concepts and related technologies. We've gone through that journey ourselves and know how exciting but simultaneously overwhelming it can get. Our goal here at KyberSwap is to make DeFi accessible to all and hence to help you along your journey to financial autonomy, we have created a series of conceptual guides that will help you better navigate the DeFi space.

Given that the DeFi ecosystem extends beyond just swaps, the concepts covered are curated to quickly bring you up to speed on the decentralized swaps ecosystem where KyberSwap has established itself as an important contributor of liquidity solutions. Wherever supplementary concepts are required, external links to some of the best online resources have been provided to enable you to explore further.

As a decentralized application, many of KyberSwap's features are directly supported by lower level decentralized infrastructure. While these technologies are not a core feature of KyberSwap, they are nonetheless a crucial aspect of achieving the decentralizatoin guarantees which KyberSwap strongly believes in. As such, the guides are split into 2 sections:

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