Listing Policies

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There are few requirements to have your token listed on Kyber Network:

  1. The token is an ERC20 token.

  2. Legal opinion that the token is a utility token, based on Malta law.

  3. The legal opinion should come from a licensed Law Firm in its respective jurisdiction.

  4. Liquidity has to be provided for the token. This is done by being a permissioned token reserve, or by using an existing 3rd party reserve that is already integrated with Kyber.

  5. A deposit of USD $1000 worth of KNC as commitment towards this listing process, because considerable effort is required on both parties. The funds will be returned once the token goes live on KyberSwap.


  • Transparency: All operations that occur on the Kyber protocol can be publicly verified on the blockchain.

  • Non-custodial: At no point does the Kyber protocol control the funds of its users. Hence, users' funds will not be affected even in hacking incidents.

  • Instant Confirmation: A transaction happens with instant confirmation if it's sent from on-chain entities like smart contracts. Otherwise, once the transaction is included on the blockchain, the execution triggered by the transaction is immediately confirmed.

  • Operation Certainty: There are no transactional risks. Users know the rate and how much liquidity is available before they commit their transaction. There is no settlement uncertainty or counterparty risk.

  • On-chain Settlement: Atomic and immediate on-chain settlement of trades.

  • Reserve Managers control their reserves: Reserves also keep and contribute liquidity for their token via smart contracts that they control (source code prepared, tested and provided by us).

  • Code Audits: Kyber’s smart contracts have also been audited and verified by ChainSecurity, an audit platform for smart contracts. Read the full audit report here: <NEW_AUDIT_LINK>

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