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Interacting with Kyber's protocol implementation grants your users to Kyber's fast, convenient and trustless token conversion and transfer services. The increased interchangeability of tokens not only improves your platform’s functionality, but also enhances your users' experiences.

The diagram below explains how DApps can leverage on Kyber's protocol implementation to improve their functionality and user experience.

With Kyber, financial DApps like ETHLend allows instant liquidation of assets in case of defaulted loans or collateral calling without leaving the DApp. Gaming DApps like Etheremon enable users to buy NFT monsters with any tokens of their choice directly on their platform.

DApps also have the opportunity to incorporate a own commission fee into trades.

Integrate Your DApp

The common methods existing DApps use to integrate with our protocol implementation are through their own smart contracts and the ethers.js or web3.js libraries.


Kyber's protocol implementation empowers businesses and their users with greater flexibility and variety through seamless token swaps, enabling customers and vendors to pay and receive payments in their token of choice – all within a single transaction.

The following diagram indicates how interacting with Kyber's protocol implementation can enhance the experience for your users.

Projects such as EDCON and Hodlmoon will be taking advantage of Kyber's protocol implementation to allow for payments in a wide range of tokens and currencies.

Vendors also have the opportunity to incorporate a commission fee into each payment originating from their business.

Integrate Your Platform

The common methods existing vendors use to integrate with our protocol implementation are the widgets and plugins.


Wallets that have been integrated with Kyber's protocol implementation enables their users to do even more. Users can now perform embedded token swaps without having to transfer their funds out of their wallets.

The diagram below shows how wallets can streamline the token swap process for their users by integrating with Kyber's protocol implementation.

Popular wallets like MyEtherWallet, imToken and EnjinWallet are already using Kyber's protocol implementation to empower their users with embedded token swap functionality.

Wallets also have the opportunity to incorporate their own commission fee into each swap originating from them.

Integrate Your Wallet

The common methods existing vendors use to integrate with our protocol implementation are through the ethers.js or web3.js libraries, and RESTful API.

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