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KyberSwap has integrated the Transak toolkit to enable our customers to conveniently purchase crypto with fiat directly on

For any support on your transaction, please contact Transak. More information can be found on our third-party integration page.

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Disclaimer on use of Third-party Integration/Service

For ease of communication, KyberSwap is referred to as "we" in this disclaimer. Any natural persons or other entities who engages in any activities on KyberSwap shall be considered as the user of KyberSwap, and is referred to as "you" in the disclaimer. We hereby remind you of the risks involved in using third-party services (referred to herein as “third-party services”).

  1. Your use of any third-party services on KyberSwap is your personal decision and we have no control over it.

  2. We are not responsible for the audit of any third-party services, nor do we make any commitments or guarantees on the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness and/or timeliness of the technology and information involved in such third-party services and their associated services.

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Transak is a developer integration toolkit that enables onboarding of users to buy/sell crypto in any blockchain app, website or web plugin. Transak helps onboard mainstream users into dApp, protocol, game or wallet app.

Click here for more information on Transak.

KyberSwap Integration

Transak is integrated on KyberSwap through a browser integration that will redirect users to Transak to access their fiat on ramp services.

*All of the KYC, regulation & compliance, fiat payment methods, and crypto coverage are solely handled by Transak.

Clicking "Buy Crypto" will bring you to a third party website, owned and operated by an independent party over which KyberSwap has no control ("Third Party Website").

For support, please contact Transak here.

Click here for the official announcement.

Buy crypto easily with over 50+ currencies

Step 1: Navigate to the buy crypto interface

The link to the buy crypto interface can be found within the "Swap" dropdown of the KyberSwap landing page. Alternatively, you can go directly to

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Follow the instructions on the screen where you will be prompted to connect your wallet if you have yet to connect a wallet to KyberSwap. If you already have a connected wallet, your connected wallet address will be displayed on-screen as per the second image below.

Clicking the "Connect your wallet" button should bring up the connect wallet pop-up similar to the one in the Connect Your Wallet guide. Once you have connected wallet, your wallet address will be displayed on-screen.

Step 3: Specify purchase currency and payment method

Upon selecting the "Buy Crypto" button, a Transak order pop-up will be displayed. You can select your preferred currency for the purchase by clicking on the currency dropdown.

Additionally, you are also provided the option to select your preferred payment method.

Step 4: Select a cryptocurrency and chain

You will then be required to specify the cryptocurrency that you would like to receive as well as the chain which it will be sent on.

Step 5: Review transaction

Select the "Buy Now" button and you will be able to view a summary of your transaction which includes the relevant amounts and fees.

Step 6: Verify your email

As part of the fiat on-ramp process, Transak requires an email verification. Enter your email and you will be prompted to verify your email by inputting the verification code sent.

Input the verification code received and you will also have to agree to Transak's T&Cs.

Step 7: Submit KYC details

You will then be prompted to enter personally identifiable information (personal details, address, ID, digital face verification).

Do note that as this transaction involves transaction in fiat, KYC is required for the transaction to be processed by Transak. The handling of KYC is exclusively performed by Transak, and KyberSwap does not retain any KYC information.

If this is your first time using Transak, there might be some processing time required for the KYC process.

You will be notified once the KYC process is completed.

Upon receiving the verification success email, an "Order Now" button will then be made available to you.

Step 8: Enter payment details

Following successful KYC, you will then be prompted for your payment details. In this case, the payment method selected is via credit/debit card.

Step 9: Confirm your order

You will then be able to review and confirm your order.

Step 10: Swap your crypto

Upon transaction confirmation, the corresponding crypto amount would have been sent to the wallet specified. You are now free to spend the crypto as you like. A good starting point is to swap them for your favourite tokens on!

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