Secure Personalized Experiences Across All Devices


With the introduction of Sign In With Ethereum, users can now log into Web3 compatible services using just their Ethereum wallet. In other words, dapps can easily verify that users are "who they say they are" without the need of a centralized identity provider. Users always have total control over their own digital identities and how their personal data is shared.

By building on top of this decentralized identity ethos (per EIP-4361), KyberSwap Profiles enables our users to enjoy more personalized and secured services while still having the option to determine their preferred privacy levels. KyberSwap users can continue to use the KyberSwap Interface with just a connected wallet or enjoy multiple customization options by signing in with their connected wallets. Moreover, by signing in with Ethereum, users will get access to the same experience across multiple devices while maintaining their pseudonymity. Any personally identifiable data (such as emails) are strictly optional and will only be used for communication preferences as defined by the user.

KyberSwap Profiles enable users to easily customize their trading experience across devices by signing in with their Ethereum wallet. Users who are signed in also enjoy more secured access to the many value-added off-chain services such as KyberAI, notifications, etc. Note that off-chain services will be delivered via the selected profile. KyberSwap Profiles is trailblazing the way for this hybrid approach which prioritizes open access, privacy, and accessibility.

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