Zap Fee Model

Fees model

There are two types of fees incorporated into the Zap API:

Protocol Fees

Protocol fees are charged by KyberSwap in input token for Zap In feature, and are based on 4 different token pair categories:

Pair CategoryProtocol Fee

Stable pair


Correlated pair


Common pair


Exotic pair


  • Please refer to the example file below for a list of PancakeSwap v3 pools for each of the category above. PancakeSwap v3 pools not in the list belongs to the "Exotic pair" category.

Partner Fees

  • Partner fee configuration is sent by the partner client via the API to charge a partner fee on top of the protocol fees

  • Similar to protocol fees, partners will only be able to charge the fee by the input token for Zap In.

  • Provides both a valid non-zero feeAddress and a positive integer feePcm (the unit is per cent mille, i.e. 1-1000th of 1%) in the API call to GetRoute. Otherwise, no fee will be collected for partner.

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