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KyberDAO stands for Kyber Decentralized Autonomous Organization. KyberDAO is a community platform that empowers KNC (Kyber Network Crystal) token holders to participate in the governance of Kyber Network and the KyberSwap trading platform. KNC holders can stake their tokens to vote on important proposals. In return, they receive rewards in KNC from part of the trading fees collected through KyberSwap trading activities. Voting is done in a fully open and transparent manner.

KNC is dynamic and can be upgraded, minted, or burned by KyberDAO to better support liquidity and growth. Holding KNC means having a stake in all the important innovation and liquidity protocols created for DeFi.


KyberDAO allows KNC token holders to play a critical role in determining the incentive system, building a wide base of stakeholders, and facilitating economic flow on KyberSwap. Together, KNC holders can chart the future direction of Kyber.

We aim for KyberDAO to serve 3 key groups of Kyber stakeholders —

  1. KyberSwap liquidity providers and partners

  2. Dapps/traders who connect to Kyber to use its liquidity

  3. KNC holders who are at the heart of Kyber

Participating in the KyberDAO allows you, a Kyber community member, to help contribute towards the success of the project.

In return, you are able to earn KNC rewards for your efforts, with rewards coming from a portion of network fees collected through trading activities on KyberSwap. As more trades are executed and new protocols added, more rewards are generated.

Please refer to Fees to KyberDAO for more information on the rewards.

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