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Switching Networks

Supported across 13 chains and counting


KyberSwap supports the trading of more than 20,000 tokens across the majority of the most established DeFi chains. KyberSwap provides seamless access to liquidity across chains directly from the KyberSwap app. For the full list of chains which KyberSwap has been integrated with, you can refer to Supported Exchanges and Networks.
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Switching your active network

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Upon connecting your wallet, KyberSwap would have automatically defaulted to the network per your wallet's setting. You can view the active network on the top right of the KyberSwap app.
KyberSwap connected to Ethereum
In the example above, KyberSwap has connected to the Ethereum Mainnet as per the MetaMask setting.

Step 2: Switch networks

To change the network, you can select the dropdown which will display the full list of chain options for you to choose from.
KyberSwap supported chains
Select your preferred chain and you should then be prompted by your wallet to confirm the network change. If this is your first time connecting to a chain, your wallet provider should display the details of the chain for your verification. The below is an example of adding the Polygon chain and confirming the chain switch using MetaMask.
Adding a Polygon chain to MetaMask
Switch to Polygon chain on Metamask
Once the switch has been approved, KyberSwap would then be connected to your selected network as can be verified via the active chain displayed in the top right of the KyberSwap app.
KyberSwap connected to Polygon