Stake KNC And Enjoy Gas Savings


Following strong community support, KyberSwap has launched our very first Gas Refund Program enabling KNC stakers to enjoy gas fee rebates on Ethereum Mainnet swaps completed via KyberSwap!

Please refer to Gas Refund Program for further details.

Start staking KNC now to enjoy Gasback

  1. To claim gas refunds, users would first need to own and stake a minimum of 500 KNC.

  2. Get KNC on Ethereum by using KyberSwap.

  3. Next, stake at least 500 KNC on the KyberDAO UI:

  4. That’s it! Start trading at least $200 worth (between any tokens) on KyberSwap to enjoy partial gas refunds.

  5. On the KNC Utility page, you can view your Available, Pending, and Claimed refunds.

  6. Claim your gas refunds (in KNC) at the end of every 2 epochs (~4 weeks). There is no deadline to claim your KNC.

  7. After claiming your KNC, you can either stake it to increase your voting power (and rewards) for the next KIP, or add liquidity to KNC pools and earn fees.

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