KNC Contract Addresses

Trade KNC On Multiple Chains

An upgraded Kyber Network Crystal token

KNC was launched on Ethereum in 2017 and based on the ERC-20 standard. All vested tokens for founders and advisors have been unlocked and distributed since September 2019.

In 2021, KNC was upgraded with additional functionality and flexibility, and the old token version was renamed KNCL (KNC Legacy). Old KNCL holders can migrate to the current KNC version here.

For avoidance of doubt, KNC refers to the current version of the token while KNCL refers to the token version prior to the upgrade.

KNC Token Contract Governance

Token Contract:


  1. Owner: Kyber Multisig Only has the ability to withdraw tokens transferred wrongly to its address.

  2. Minter: Kyber Governance Long Executor Can only mint KNC after a successful DAO vote

  3. Proxy admin control: Kyber Governance Long Executor Can only upgrade the KNC token implementation after a successful DAO vote

Governance Implementation:

Kyber Network: Governance (Voting Contract - submitVote)

Native (KNC)

Ethereum (ChainID: 1)
Arbitrum (ChainID: 42161)
Polygon PoS (ChainID: 137)
Optimism (ChainID: 10)
Base (ChainID: 8453)
zkSync Era (ChainID: 324)
Polygon zkEVM (ChainID: 1101)
Linea (ChainID: 59144)
BitTorrent Chain (ChainID: 199)
Scroll (ChainID: 534352)

Third Party Bridge

BSC (ChainID: 56)

Axelar Wrapped (axlKNC)

Arbitrum (ChainID: 42161)
Polygon PoS (ChainID: 137)
Optimism (ChainID: 10)
Linea (ChainID: 59144)

Multichain Wrapped (mKNC)

Multichain ceasing of operations

As of 14 July 2023, the Multichain team has ceased all operations. Wrapped KNC token contracts on the following chains are owned and deployed by the Multichain team. Due to the nature of public blockchains (where contracts are immutable unless written with a specific selfdestruct function), these contracts remain callable but users are highly discouraged from interacting with said contracts.

You can view their official announcement here.

Arbitrum (ChainID: 42161)
Optimism (ChainID: 10)
Avalanche (ChainID: 43114)
Fantom (ChainID: 250)

Native Legacy (KNCL)

Ethereum (ChainID: 1)

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