KyberSwap Widget

Plug And Play Superior Rates Straight From Your App


KyberSwap Widget provides users of your website with a handy tool for token swaps at superior rates. The KyberSwap Widget supports swaps across all Aggregator EVM chains. Please refer to Supported Exchanges and Networks for the full list of supported chains.

For guides on how to integrate the KyberSwap Widget into your app, you can refer to Integrating The KyberSwap Widget.

Example use cases

  • Building a custom front-end for KyberSwap

  • Swapping assets in a Defi application

Endlessly customizable

You can customize the colors, font, and token list to match your app theme.. Alternatively, you can use our slightly modified sample theme to create your own look and feel.

const theme: Theme = {
  primary: '#1C1C1C',
  secondary: '#0F0F0F',
  dialog: '#313131',
  borderRadius: '20px',
  buttonRadius: '24px',
  stroke: '#505050',
  interactive: '#292929',
  accent: '##28E0B9',
  success: '189470',
  warning: 'FF9901',
  error: 'FF537B',
  text: '#FFFFFF',
  subtext: 'A9A9A9',
  fontFamily: 'Work Sans',

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