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What are the requirements for staking?

You just need an Ethereum wallet that holds KNC tokens in order to stake your tokens.

How do I stake KNC?

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Step 3: Stake KNC

If you stake KNC in epoch “n”, you or your delegate will only be eligible to vote in epoch “n+1” (next epoch onwards). Example:

Read our Staking and Voting Overview:

Where can I stake KNC?

Anyone can stake KNC, vote on proposals, and claim rewards at the official web platform. is the only official platform managed by the Kyber Network team. The platform is optimized for mobile and works on any web3 and Dapp browser. This means you can indirectly stake KNC on crypto wallets such as Krystal, Trust, Enjin, imToken, Status, and many others etc.

In addition, there are other 3rd party staking service providers that you can use to stake KNC, including non-custodial options e.g. Unagii.

Is there any minimum / maximum amount I can stake?

No, there is no such limit.

Is my KNC secure? Are there any risks?

The KNC tokens that you stake through KyberSwap will reside in a non-custodial smart contract developed by the Kyber Network team, which has been audited by multiple 3rd party professional agencies. Additionally, the smart contract has been tested multiple times for various attack scenarios to ensure its security.

Kyber Network DOES NOT hold your funds at any point in time. As a user, you will always have full control over your funds, and you are free to deposit and withdraw your KNC tokens anytime.

Important: Staking carries its own set of risks, just like any other decentralized application and new technology. Be wary of scammers, phishing attempts, and fake websites. Users should always make sure that they visit if they want to stake and vote on their own. Please only stake an amount you are comfortable with.

Suppose I stake 10,000 KNC in epoch n, can I stake more in n+1?

Yes, you can stake more KNC tokens in epoch n+1, but you will get voting power and rewards based on your total KNC staked only in epoch n+2 in this example. In epoch n+1, you will only get the voting power and rewards based on 10,000 KNC.


Epoch 12: Tom originally had 10,000 KNC in Epoch 12.

Epoch 13: Tom can vote with 10,000 KNC worth of voting power in this epoch. Tom stakes another 5000 KNC. Now he has staked 15,000 KNC in total.

Epoch 14: Claims rewards for epoch 13. Votes with 15,000 KNC in voting power.

Epoch 15: Claims rewards for epoch 14. Continue voting with 15,000 KNC in voting power.

What if I withdraw some KNC during the current epoch? How does my voting power change?

You can stake and withdraw within 1 epoch: Suppose in epoch n, You stake X KNC and withdraw Y KNC

  • If X > Y → Voting power equivalent to amount (X-Y) KNC will be in effect for the next epoch.

  • If X < Y → Your staking amount and voting power will be reduced for the next epoch.


  • Epoch 15: Tom staked 15,000 KNC.

  • Epoch 16: Tom voted with 15,000 KNC then withdrew 3000 KNC → Total staked is now 15,000 - 3000 = 12,000 KNC

  • Epoch 17: Tom can only claim his reward based on 12,000 KNC (not 15,000 KNC). His new voting power will now be equivalent to 12,000 KNC.

Is there any forced lockup period?

No. Kyber Network DOES NOT hold your funds at any point in time. As a user, you always have full control over your funds, and you are free to deposit and withdraw your KNC tokens anytime. But do note that in order to ensure that you receive your full voting power and rewards, you will have to voluntarily stake KNC for the entire epoch (voting period).

How much can I earn for staking KNC?

It depends. After every epoch, there will be trading fees set aside for voting rewards (from KyberSwap trading activities). The total amount of rewards is decided by two main factors: trade volume and the proportion of trading fees decided by KyberDAO for voting rewards.

The network fee percentage and fee allocation ratio are decided by the KyberDAO. As an individual KNC staker, your share of the rewards received after the epoch will be determined by your voting points (the amount of KNC you have staked during the epoch x the number of campaigns you voted on), in proportion to the total voting points of all KNC stakers.

You MUST VOTE on all ongoing proposal campaigns in order to receive your full reward in the next epoch. Assuming you (and all the other stakers) voted for all the proposal campaigns in that epoch, your share will be proportional to your KNC staked vs. the total amount of KNC staked by all voters.

If you did not vote, you would not receive any rewards. If you only voted for one but not all the campaigns in that epoch, you would receive less than what you actually could.

How do I unstake / withdraw KNC?

Unstaking KNC is as simple as staking KNC. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Step 3: Select the Unstake tab

Step 4: Input how much KNC you wish to unstake and click ‘Unstake’

Kindly note that withdrawal is an on-chain process so you will need to pay for gas fees. Withdrawal will also impact your voting power and rewards.

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