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Earn Yield By Contributing Liquidity

Make Your Assets Work For You

Get fees for Market Making

Liquidity Providers (LPs) sit at the very centre of a well-functioning DeFi market as their liquidity contributions facilitate the trading of assets. By providing liquidity, your otherwise idle assets are put towards guaranteeing an available trade and thereby earning market maker fees along the way. To this end, KyberSwap has implemented two innovative solutions which enables LPs to earn a sustainable yield while mitigating impermanent loss risks.
The two 2 products, KyberSwap Classic and KyberSwap Elastic, cater to different LP strategies. As such, the Classic vs Elastic page provides an overview of the key differences that will enable you to select the protocol that best suites your yield generation needs. For a more in-depth look at each protocol, you can refer to the respective sections as linked below.

Earn more rewards for locking up liquidity

In addition to trading fees, you can also earn additional rewards for locking up your funds with the pool through a process known as yield farming. These rewards can be provided independently by dapp teams or in collaboration with KyberSwap as a direct way of incentivizing liquidity lockups with the protocol. You can visit the Farms tab to view the active list of eligible pools.
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