Your KyberSwap Classic Questions Answered


Which chains does KyberSwap Classic support?

The full list of supported chains can be found on Supported Exchanges and Networks.

Which tokens does KyberSwap Classic support?

KyberSwap whitelists well-known tokens for ease of access, but you can import custom tokens that meet the ERC20 standard via our user interface. For more information on how to do this, please refer to Add Your Favourite Tokens.

What is the difference between Classic vs Elastic?

Both KyberSwap Classic and Elastic are AMM liquidity solutions that were created with the intent of optimizing LP yields through greater capital efficiency. KyberSwap Classic enables pools to be configured with dynamic fees which respond to market conditions while KyberSwap Elastic enables users to enter into concentrated liquidity positions with auto-compounding fees.

For the full comparison, please refer to Classic vs Elastic.

What is Rainmaker?

Rainmaker was the name for a yield farming program that KyberSwap ran in 2021. It has since been discontinued but liquidity providers are still able to earn additional farming rewards via KyberSwap's new farms.

Yield farming

How do I tell what rewards a Farming pool offers?

To incentivize yield farming on our platform, we usually offer KNC token as a reward for staking activity in our active farming pools. From time to time we also jointly offer other tokens with our partners as staking rewards. You can easily tell which active farming pools offer KNC or KNC and another token when you look at the pool details in list view. Select the list view icon on the Active farms page to toggle this view.

From here you can see the types of coins offered under the “My Rewards” column. For example, in the following graphic, the first three farms offer both KNC and LDO as rewards, whereas the following three farms on the list offer just KNC.

Is there a deadline for collecting my Yield Farming rewards?

There is no deadline for collecting (aka harvesting) your pool farm rewards. However please note that some farming pools have vesting periods: after harvesting, the rewards can only be withdrawn after a set vesting period. The vesting period counter starts at the point of collection.

Please refer to Harvesting and claiming rewards for further details.

How long is the vesting period for yield farming rewards?

Farming pool rewards can be withdrawn after they vest. The vesting period varies from pool to pool, with some farming pools not having a vesting period. You can check the vesting period of the farm you’re participating in by navigating to the Vesting tab on the Farms page. Note that the vesting period counter starts at the point of collection.

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