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Add Liquidity To An Existing Classic Pool

Capital Efficient Pools And Dynamic Fees
KyberSwap is fully permissionless, meaning anyone can create a liquidity pool or add liquidity (add tokens) to existing pools, while any Dapp, aggregator, or end user can access this liquidity. Refer to Earn Yield by Contributing Liquidity page if you would like to know more about the various ways that you can generate yield by contributing towards this open financial infrastructure.


In order to participate in a KyberSwap Classic pool and earn fees, you first need to add liquidity to the pool. Adding liquidity to a pool opens a new position. You can add liquidity either to an existing pool, or as part of creating a new pool. This guide describes the steps required to add liquidity to an existing pool.
Liquidity Provider Flow
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Adding liquidity to an existing pool

Here are the steps for opening a new position using an existing liquidity pool.

Step 1: View available pools

Ensure you are on the correct network, and then choose the tokens to provide as liquidity. You can do this through the token selectors at the top of the Classic Pools interface. Once you’ve selected your pair of tokens, a filtered list of pools that use that pair will be displayed on the interface.
Search token pairs
Note: If you know the contract address of the pool you want, you can also filter the list for the pool you want by inputting the address in the search bar.

Step 2: Select pool

Select the pool you’d like to participate in by clicking on the appropriate “Add Liquidity” button (in card view) or the “+” button (in list view). This will open the Add Liquidity screen.
Add liquidity popup
From here you have two options: either deposit double-sided liquidity or single-sided liquidity.

Step 3: Configure token amounts for liquidity provision

Double-Sided Liquidity
Single-Sided Liquidity (a.k.a. zaps)
To deposit double-sided liquidity, make sure “Token Pair” is selected on the toggle at the top of the screen, then specify the amounts you would like to deposit. You can either manually type in amounts or use the “Max” and “Half” buttons. Once you specify the deposit amount for one leg of the pair, the corresponding leg’s amount will be automatically calculated and populated for you.
To deposit single-sided liquidity, make sure “Single Token” is selected on the toggle at the top of the screen, then specify the token and the amount you would like to deposit. You can either manually type in the amount or use the “Max” and “Half” buttons.
Note: If you choose single-sided, in the final step, KyberSwap will automatically swap the appropriate amount of your deposited token so that your liquidity contribution is balanced between the two legs. You can see a preview of your final pool allocation on the screen.
Note: The proportion of liquidity deposited for each leg of the pair is automatically determined based on the current ratio of the pool.

Step 4: Authorize contract

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to need to authorize the KyberSwap smart contract to transact using your tokens on this network. Click the “Approve [Token]” button to do so. This will open an approval dialog window on your wallet. You might need to do this twice if you’re depositing two-sided liquidity involving two tokens that require authorization.
MetaMask approve token
Once the approvals are confirmed, the previously-greyed-out “Supply” button will be clickable.

Step 5: Review liquidity provision

Click on the “Supply” button to bring up the preview screen. Once you have reviewed the information on this screen, click on the “Supply” button to proceed.
Supply preview
You will need to confirm this transaction in your wallet.
MetaMask transaction confirmation
Once you’ve confirmed the transaction you will see a screen informing you that the transaction has been submitted. You can click on “View Transaction” to view your transaction on the appropriate blockchain explorer.
Transaction submission confirmation popup
Your new position should now be visible on the My Pools page on KyberSwap which displays all your active KyberSwap Classic pools
My Pools dashboard